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Dr. Holly H. Shah is a participating provider on one insurance panel – Valley Health Plan. The doctor is willing to help you bill your insurance company, however she accepts full payment at the time of visit. If you have Valley Health Plan, you do not need a referral to be seen by Dr. Shah. Just be sure your insurance policy is valid and effective or you will be responsible to pay for your visit.

Regarding insurance as a third-party payer: We provide the service of billing your insurance company for you. However, it is your responsibility to understand and comprehend your medical or psychological benefits of your insurance policy. We advise that before your visit to the doctor, please confirm your insurance eligibility, copayment/coinsurance responsibilities, deductible responsibility, and payable benefits as outlined in your insurance policy.

If the patient is a minor or dependent adult, we will ask that the person responsible for payment sign the proper paperwork at the first visit to ensure proper billing.

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